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About the artist

Jurgen, born on the 5th of october 1963 in the hague. He's the son of Aris van Braam (emeritus professor universaty Leiden) and Guurtje Sint. He started painting and drawing in his childhood, 8 or 9 years of age. In this period he was living in the "Zaanse Schans" in Noord Holland. One of his first drawings was his father laying down on their yacht. Jurgen went to sea in 1979 as an AB. Later he went to navigation scool and achieved his chief mates ticket.

The sketches and pictures are made during one of his seatrips and vacations are his source to inspirations. His biggest example to inspiration and respect is Karel Appel. The thoughts and ideas of the COBRA group are still facinating Jurgen. His wife Inez is his stimulation to translate his fealings and thoughts to canvas into paintings

This site, made by his son Lars van Braam, is a collection of paintings and drawings . Many paintings and drawings are made in the past and there are never been teaken pictures off. A resenable amount of paintings has been sold or given away. Some has been lost in turbulent periods. The total of his paintings is approximtely 450.

A part of the sold paintings has been made in order of the buyer. For information about the possabilities, please contakt Jurgen via the link "Contact Jurgen"

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